Our Process

Using state of the art techniques, our professionals scour the Internet to identify and analyze any chatter about you and your business. We go above and beyond standard searches with our proprietary method by tapping into alternative media, forums and social media to deliver a comprehensive profile of your online presence.

We are in your corner to proactively monitor information about your organization and deliver cutting edge online responses and strategy.


Advanced Monitoring

Using a combination of enhanced social media surveillance, alternative media monitoring and open source intelligence, we get ahead of the stories before they break.

Comprehensive Client Portfolio

In addition to monitoring your company, we will monitor for key staff members, products and anything else determined vulnerable.


Comprehensive analysis and threat assessments available to you directly, plus a hands-on approach for all urgent issues.

Bespoke Approach

No two companies are the same, so why should your PR strategy be a cookie-cutter model? We work collaboratively with you to deliver a tailor-made approach that suits your individual needs. So what are you waiting for, click here to get started!

Billing Terms

  1. All purchases of services including Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans as well as customized and/or “a la carte” Public Relations Services are non-refundable.
  2. For all Silver and Gold plans, Secure Public Relations will process the credit card on file immediately upon purchase for the amount of your first month’s plan as well the $1900 Strategic Assessment fee. 
  3. We will then process your credit card on file monthly after that point. (Example: You sign up for an Individual Gold Plan on January 5th. You will be billed on January 5th for $950+1900=$2850. On February 5th, you will be billed $950 and again on March 5th, and so on)
  4. For all Platinum plans, Secure Public Relations will process the credit card on file immediately upon purchase for the amount of your first month’s plan. You will billed monthly thereafter.
  5. All customized and/or “a la carte” services are payable in advance via Check or Bank Transfer. Secure Public Relations reserves the right not to begin services until payment is received.
  6. Secure Public Relations reserves the right to suspend service and/or ask for alternate payment methods including check or bank transfer (at its discretion) for subscription services if a credit card is declined.
  7. You can suspend any subscription service within 48 hours with written notification and you will not be billed further beyond that point.
  8. You can elect to cease our customized ”a la carte” services within 48 hours with written notification. No refund will be due.



  1. Secure Public Relations will endeavor to the best of its ability to keep all client information (including prospective client information) completely confidential.
  2. Secure Public Relations has a policy of not disclosing our clients (or prospective clients) to any external party in any capacity without their express written consent OR unless we are compelled to do so by relevant authorities.
  3. Secure Public Relations takes a multitude of steps to keep all client and prospective client information extremely secure. Upon request, we can discuss some of these precautionary measures.