Secure Public Relations was founded in 2017 to protect individuals, businesses and non-profits in an increasingly tense and polarizing media environment. Everyone is a potential victim of being targeted, whether it is an individual making an irreverent viral social media post, a company who chooses to (or not to) stop advertising on a controversial network, or a celebrity who chooses to disavow (or not to disavow) a controversial figure. In many cases, these folks are not prepared for the backlash of their decisions. Moreover, with social media rapidly proliferating fake and misleading articles, misinformation can spread like wildfire.

Adam Swart started the company along with Elizabeth Berger after he himself became a victim of such false attacks targeted against his thriving and innovative PR Events company, Crowds on Demand. As a Public Relations professional, Adam knew exactly what to do and what not to do--the story died out within a week. But Adam realized that many people and companies who do not understand the charged political environment and internet extremists would have no idea what to do and might well end up fanning the flames of the fire. He knew that in this environment, we all need protection as we all can be victims.

Thus, he started putting together a team of social media experts, intelligence professionals and techies to complement his PR savvy and put together a solution that provides enhanced media/social media monitoring, reputation management, crisis PR and innovative strategies for high-profile clients including professional athletes, entertainers, businesses but also ordinary people.

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