The bad news is clear

Distorted news can cost your organization in time, resources, security, and money. Thankfully, early detection and response can help you to minimize the overall associated risks. Our primary mission is to protect our clients, your reputation, and, crucially, your bottom line. We strive to maximize the effectiveness of crisis management even before an incident occurs. In order to be thorough in our monitoring, we go above and beyond front-page news stories and quick searches by using cutting edge intelligence techniques to ensure your business is safe.

Protect Your Organization from Fake and Misleading Information Today

The cost from an unmanaged or poorly managed story can have an economic impact in the millions or more. Our experts stand ready to protect the integrity of your information and help contain stories before they spiral out of control. With backgrounds in security, intelligence, social media and public relations, the Secure Public Relations Team can help you manage crises and flip them into opportunities.


Media Monitoring

Our team of experts scour the web and social media to pick up on any chatter about your business and your team. We find out about the problem before it happens.

Rapid Response

Thorough daily monitoring helps ensure that your company is protected, allowing you to focus on your operations.


Alternative Media Strategy

By tapping into underground networks and the deep web, our team uncovers fake news about your company that would otherwise go unnoticed.